Psychological help for victims of violent crime

The Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT) assists with expenses to help people recover from violent crime that has occurred in Victoria and has been reported to the police. For counselling to be funded by VOCAT:

  • A formal application to VOCAT needs to be made by the individual affected, usually through a solicitor, and
  • A report from the treating psychologist needs to requested either by VOCAT or the solicitor, and
  • VOCAT needs to approve the application for counselling.

For more information about VOCAT: www.vocat.vic.gov.au

For assistance with recovering from crime and support with making VOCAT applications:

Department of Justice Victims of Crime website 

Northern Victims Assistance and Counselling Program

Please note that due to a potential conflict of interest I will only see VOCAT clients under specific circumstances. Also, I do not accept referrals or payment from the Victims Assistance and Counselling program for conflict of interest reasons explained here: